Primo Piano Industry is a new reality in the world of Communication for POP but has its roots in 2002 with the birth of Digiworld, a pioneering company in the field of paper converting and digital printing.

In fact, the property already invested in state-of-the-art technologies to meet the customer’s communication needs, focusing on the enhancement of the product in compliance with budget and no compromise as far as quality. Thanks to the close collaboration with the subsidiary Eurocarton, Primo Piano Industry can manage any print run in-house, offering a seamless end-to-end service with completely flexible working patterns to ensure we can complete your project when required, fulfilling even the most demanding briefs.
In 2011, times were ripe to make the “Green Vision” of the company concrete with the installation of a photovoltaic system that still covers well over 50% of the company’s energy needs.
Since then, our company has been acquiring new customers: worldwide known brands that are still our best business card for the new and potential ones.
The continuous evolution of the market and the determination, which has always distinguished the founders of the company, materialize in a further expansion in February 2019.
The core business remains the production of displays and the management of all types of printing, but cardboard display solutions are flanked and enhanced by the 40 years of experience of a historic Milanese company in the field of permanent POP/POS commercial and advertising materials.

Customized multi-material displays for every merchandise sector

The technical-commercial offer is expanded significantly by integrating associates with decades of experience in this market segment; while the design and 3D render / modeling part is added so to guarantee our customers teir investments are properly managed, leaving no room for any kind of improvisation.
During this phase, Digiworld has changed its sole corporate name to Primo Piano Industry (keeping the same VAT number) to refresh brand image.
In 2020, the company reconverts an entire department for the production of surgical masks, completing all compulsory paperwork and making all the structural changes in the building in order to classify them as a Class I Medical Device at the Ministry of Health. The added value of Primo Piano Industry is the possibility of customizing the masks with the printing of the outermost side of the mask with low transmigration inks (so to get also the printed version classified as a Medical Device). A further guarantee for our customers: test reports and CE certifications can be looked up in the “Medical” section.
Displays in multiple materials, print runs of any size, a professional and reliable team to follow the entire customer project from briefing to product delivery, 40 years of experience in product management in the POP: this is us today.

We have grown, we have changed thanks to shared skills and experiences, still and always committed to exceed customer’s expectations.


What we do

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